Status of the GNU MMIX tools

To get the most out of this you should be aware of professor Donald Knuth's MMIX instruction set architecture, to be used in new editions of his series The Art of Computer Programming. Further information can be found at the MMIXmasters site (seems to have been transmogrified into a sourceforge project) and the MMIX news page.

There is a GCC port, for cross-compiling programs written in C and C++. See the instructions for compiling GCC and running the test-suite.

There's also a binutils port and a newlib (C run-time library) port.

Simulator glue-code for GDB, so it can execute and debug programs running in the mmix simulator, would be very useful. Please ask on the mmixmasters mailing list.

By H-P
Latest update: 2001-12-02